Curated packages to help you tell your story

From Seedling to Story.

This coaching package is designed to help writers complete their novel-length project. Includes:

  • Bi-weekly submissions of up to 50 pages 

  • Submissions returned to you with trackable comments throughout the text

  • An editorial letter for every submission including a review of your work, questions to prompt further story development, encouragements, and areas for improvement

  • Ongoing email support, any time

  • One phone call or in-person meeting per month to discuss your work.

Suggested length of six months/ twelve submissions.

$1200 for six months of coaching = $200/month

Comprehensive Editorial.

This editorial package is for writers with a completed novel-length manuscript, ready for the next steps in reaching its full, publishable potential. Includes:

  • Two rounds of substantive editing

  • One round of stylistic/line editing

  • One round of copy editing

  • Two phone calls or in-person meetings to discuss your work

  • Book blurb support

From $1500 inclusive

Individual Services

Manuscript Consultation
This service involves a close reading of your completed chapter, short story, or novel, and comments throughout the text as well as an in-depth editorial letter offering advice on the direction of your work. This service is for you if you are feeling stuck, and are unsure of the next steps for your project. Perfect for those who need a fresh pair of eyes, opinions, encouragement, feedback and advice for how to proceed.
Substantive Editing

This is the big picture stuff, and usually the starting point for editing a novel. In this stage, I offer a complete consultation on the overall work in terms of organization, plot, structure, characterization, content, and audience. Here I will examine the general premise, themes, and pacing. This stage includes comments and questions throughout the manuscript to help you really get to the essence of your story, as well as a minimum two-page discussion and review of the novel.



Stylistic Line Editing

This stage involves a close reading examining syntax, flow, paragraph structure, word choice, voice, style and readability. Here I will examine the manuscript on a line by line basis to help you express your story better. This stage includes trackable comments, suggestions and edits throughout the text.



Copy Editing

Copy editing is the final step to a polished manuscript, ready to self-publish or pitch to publishers. This is a final close reading to check for grammar, punctuation and spelling issues, which will all be delivered to you as trackable changes right on your manuscript. I also offer this service for websites, academic papers and professional documents.


Content Writing

I am adept at communication. For this reason, I offer content writing services for website owners and businesses who have a message, but aren’t sure exactly how to express it. I can turn your ideas and notes into cohesive, easily understood content for your customers and/or readers.



Have a story but need help getting pen to paper? I am trained in creative writing, and am happy to collaborate in the early stages of your writing, helping you to turn your notes and ideas into a story. 


English Consulting

I am an ESL teacher, highly capable of improving writing produced by non-native speakers. Whether it’s an academic paper, an article, a cover letter, or even poetry and fiction, I can help you to sound like a pro.