"Allie presented me with a whole new way of looking at my novel-in-progress. She broke down the components of what needed to be fixed - structurally, thematically and character-wise - and was able to relay this information to me in a comprehensive and intelligent way. She made my novel workable once again and got me excited about the next stages. Allie has a keen eye and an educated sense of what works and what doesn’t work. I would recommend her highly." 

  • Michelle Berry, author of Interference, Margaret Lives in the Basement, The Prisoner and the Chaplain and more.

​​"An author friend referred me to Allie.  The editing process was a little daunting for me, as this was my first manuscript, and a memoir, so I felt a little sensitive about what someone might say about it.  From the very beginning, Allie put all of my concerns to rest.  She did a tremendous job of really getting into the essence of the story and made some fabulous recommendations for changes.  She was professional and an expert at copy editing. Her feedback was non-threatening, supportive, and friendly.  I genuinely felt like she wanted to help my book be successful.  On top of all of that, she completed everything in the time frame that she committed to!  I will definitely use Allie again and would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. " 

  • Karen Mills, author of The Life I Imagined.

"Allie edited my story-in-progress not once but twice.  She was wonderful.  She pointed out areas that work and other areas that didn't make sense.  She helped edit my sentence structure and grammar, etc.  She also provided suggestions on back-stories not written that might be of interest to the reader.  Allie was very responsible and approachable.  She set up a review timeline and stuck to it.  Afterwards, when I was revising the story and I had some questions, she would still take the time to provide useful feedback.  I'm happy with the editing services that I got from Allie, and I hope to complete the story soon."

  • Julita Leung, creative writing student at the University of Toronto.

“I started my environmental art business, Petrichor, this year, and as with any startup, there was a lot of marketing material to create: a website, blog, brochures, product descriptions... I am glad to have hired Allie to give a close eye to all of these texts, not to mention having her write some of my materials for me.  I am now happy to be collaborating with her as a ghostwriter for a collection of short stories, based on my experiences as a travelling veterinary technician. She has a creative mind and is an easy to work with, approachable editor.” 

  • Olivia Marie, creator of Petrichor Designs.

"What does an author need from an editor? Honest feedback, objectivity, and sharp eyes to catch those little errors. Allie's editing is thoughtful and clever; if you've written a good story, she'll make it better."

  • C. De Melo, author of Amazon bestseller SABINA, among others. 

"Allie is a fantastic editor.  Her attention to detail, approachability and superb communication skills made her a pleasure to work with. Our overall manuscript and individual stories were edited well within the promised time-frames and the constructive feedback we received from Allie helped us to identify areas for improvement and produce a polished and cohesive manuscript.   We would not hesitate to use Allie’s editing services in the future."

  • Paula Smellie, Maria Jemmott, Francine Fleming, Shirley Merith and Manjit Singh, authors of Walking Through and Other Stories.

"Allie took a close and careful look at Colin’s Picnic, my novel-in-progress, and swiftly identified areas where I need to focus my time and energy in revising.  I found her commentary judicious, direct and affirming – no small trick! – and I have no doubt that the book will be the stronger for her services.  I wish I’d found her before now." 

  • Paul Nicholas Mason, actor, and author of The Red Dress, The Night Drummer, Battered Soles, and A Pug Called Poppy.

"Allie has a practiced and critical eye for grammatical and structural weaknesses in a story. Characterization and plot development always benefit from Allie’s thoughtful but incisive considerations and recommendations. I’ve often been the willing recipient of Allie’s editorial comments and my short fiction work has benefited from her suggestions. Allie is an enthusiastic lover of literature of all genres and is a spirited creative writer, editor and colleague with whom I enjoy working." 

  • Don Herald, educator and writer of short fiction, published in CommuterLit, as well as other magazines in North America and the UK.